Baoilleach Distillery - Mulroy Bay - Poitín Tasting Flight - (5 x 50ml) - 50ml

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 An opportunity to sample some really ground breaking poitín all in one place. These Tiny Tipples can only be purchased as a set of 5. These have been distilled in an old Irish cottage on a hillside overlooking Mulroy Bay in coastal Donegal.

They are hand crafted in small batches using traditional techniques. 

Made with a direct fire copper still to produce a quality Irish Poitín for your enjoyment.

There are five varieties of Poitín in this set. Each with a unique flavour profile. These sets are extremely limited.

The below description is taken from the Baoilleach website where loads more information can be found.

'This collection of Mulroy Bay - Irish Poitín is Baoilleach Distillery's showcase of the depth and breath of flavour that Irish Poitín has and how Poitín as well as having a historic past, has a bright future. 

Some of these Poitín have been rested in Oak barrel or Port/Sherry seasoned oak barrels for up to 10 weeks. The barrels are small in size and impart a full and mellowed finish to the spirit.

Oak Barrel 56.4% abv -- This barrel strength Poitín brings bags of Sweetness with vanilla and spice, with a gentle background of Oak wood. Barrel 002

Oak Barrel - Sherry Wood 52.3% abv --  At a barrel strength of 52.3% this Sherry Wood Irish Poitín brings bags of sherry flavour, light summer fruits, wood spice and a soft sweetness. Barrel 007

Oak Barrel - Port wood 55.5% abv --  At Barrel strength of 55.5% this Poitín has a deep Port flavour, full of dark stone fruits, wood spice and rich sweetness. A real sipper. Barrel 08

Oak Barrel - Port Wood/Donegal Peat 63.7% abv --  Made with the same grains and Potatoes as our Original Poitín but with a percentage of Peated Malt barley. The small barrel has impart a mellowed Port finish which is accompanied by a sweet peat. At 63.7% it packs a real flavour punch which brings you back looking for more. Barrel 008

Still Strength 60.1% abv -- Bottled at Still Strength which amps up the flavours and gives more of everything. This Poitín is fresh and fruity with a zesty mouthfeel, with a hint of umami and a good dash of sweetness. Batch 09/20'



Tiny Tipples Ready To Enjoy

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All TinyTipples come in a standard 50ml, hand filled wax sealed bottle.


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