Irish Spirit Selection Box - Tasting Flight - (5 x 50ml)

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This Irish spirits Selection Box will make a great gift this Christmas. It showcases 5 different spirits from around Ireland. There is something for everyone in this wide ranging Tasting Flight! The different wax colours representing the various spirits really stand out too!!


Whiskey: Barts Blend (Lough Ree Distillery) - Blended Irish Whiskey - 46% abv

Named in honour of Bart Clancy , father of Lough Ree Distillery founders Peter, Sheila & Mike , Bart’s is a complex blend. Each of the constituent whiskies has a precise and definite role to play in the end result. Much like the workings of clock, and inspired by the countless hours Bart spent indulging in his passion and talent for mending them.

Poitín: Micil Poitín (Micil Distillery) - Poitín - 44% abv

Made to the original 170 year old family recipe, every bottle of Micil Poitín is carefully hand-crafted in Galway. It’s distilled from 100% Irish malted barley and a local Connemara botanical called bogbean, giving it rich spice, honey and malt flavours with a smooth velvety finish.

Gin: XIN Gin (Ahascragh Spirits) - Irish Gin - 43% abv

XIN Gin was designed to be at the heart of gatherings. Xin’s founders Michelle and Gareth McAllister have Irish blood, and Asian hearts. After spending many years in Asia, they wanted to merge what they loved about their two homes. The word itself means ‘heart’ or ‘feelings’ in mandarin.

Vodka: Dingle (Dingle Distillery) - Irish Vodka - 40% abv

Crafted in small batches using our own hand beaten copper still, fondly known as Oisín, the spirit is cut with water drawn from our well 240 feet below our distillery. Cleansed with charcoal, the resulting spirit is gently filtered before being numbered by batch.' 

Rum: Golden Rum (Blacks Kinsale) - Irish Rum - 40% abv

Gold medal winner at the World Rum Awards 2020, Blacks Golden Rum is an incredible robust golden rum characterised by the finest single malt Irish whiskey barrels which they were matured in.


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