Guest Curated Flight - No. 2 - Shamini Charlie T.

Continuing on with our Guest Curated Tasting Flights brings us to Shamini Charlie T. a.k.a @kinogodt. Those of you active in the Irish Whiskey twitterverse will be very familiar with Shamini popping up with great insights and passion for Irish whiskey. I asked Shamini to curate a flight for Tiny Tipple to showcase some great whiskey but also tell us a bit about her journey. She has chosen four excellent drops from around Ireland for her 'I Dream of Ireland' tasting flight. Without further ado, Charlie.

I'm Charlie from Freedom & Whisky (, born and raised in Norway with a heart residing in Ireland. As a female, I hope to contribute with a voice and make a difference. One day I hope to be working for a distillery. Either in marketing, as a brand ambassador or maybe even as a blender at some point? One's gotta shoot for the stars, right!
I have named my flight "I Dream of Ireland" and chosen these four whiskeys to tell the story of my whiskey journey and symbolise my deep-rooted love for Ireland and Irish whiskey.
1. Teeling Whiskey - Brabazon Series 3 - PX Sherry Finished - Single Malt: I'm sure everyone knows that the distillery closest to my heart is Teeling Whiskey in Dublin. Brabazon Series 3 made my list because PX is one of my top choices in maturation and finish, and it's simply part of a brilliant series.
2. Dingle Distillery - Single Malt - Core Release: Dingle had to be my second choice. I have many fond memories from The Dingle Whiskey Bar in Dublin, and you will often hear me speak about Dingle, both whiskey and gin.
3. Tullamore D.E.W - 12 Year Old - SPS, Malt and Grain Blend: The first time I enjoyed the 12 yo, I remember exactly where I was: at the Whiskey Museum in Dublin, where I have been many a time. I think this whiskey deserves its time to shine, and it's moreish, fruity, delicious and has a vital part in my journey.
4. Redbreast - 21 Year Old - Single Pot Still: My flight had to include an Irish gem, so I decided on the Redbreast 21 as a special treat. I have never gone wrong when recommending a dram of Redbreast to anyone, even though it's typically the 12-year-old cask strength. Sharing a Redbreast and thus sparking a friendship is the sole reason why my blog came into existence in the first place, and what can I say, it's a delicious and unique dram indeed.
I hope you enjoy these four drams that I have put together as a representation of my journey through Irish Whiskey.


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