FOM Redbreast Delay! Now Expected Early 2022.

Just a quick update in relation to the recent Pre - Sale of the Friends of Midleton Redbreast Single Cask #37560. There was immense interest in this release on pre-sale and it sold out in under 30 minutes. It was due to arrive to us here in Tiny Tipples sometime in mid-November to be shipped immediately. However, due to circumstances beyond the control of anyone involved, the release has been pushed back until early 2022 - you may have seen on Facebook ( ) Although this is unfortunate, it is a reality of the issues faced in terms of global logistics these days. We at Tiny Tipple will endeavour to resolve any issues people have surrounding this slight delay.
As a result, we have a few options for people who purchased on Pre- Sale.
1. Wait it out! - For anyone who wishes to wait it out, we will hold their purchases as normal and ship it out to them as soon as the stock does arrive in early 2022.

2. Get a Refund - We will offer a full refund immediately to anyone who wishes to pass up their pre-sale. This is no issue at all and we can process the refund as soon as we hear back from people.

There are a few people who have ordered additional items along with their FOM Pre-Sale items. For those people, please let me know what you would like to do. I can hold the full order until early 2022 or I can ship the additional items out as soon as possible.

I really appreciate the level of support people have given to me and my small start-up company since last March. I always try and look after our customers because repeat business is essential to our survival. If anyone who has ordered the FOM pre-sale and would like to discuss their order in any way, please let me know by e-mail on . Everyone who has ordered will be e-mailed personally in relation to this.
Kind regards,



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